Get involved

There are many ways you can get involved with Caritas. There are Caritas organisations in most countries and in all regions of the world. If you would like to get involved with your national Caritas organisation you can find their details on our Where we work pages.

Become a Caritas volunteer

Much of Caritas’ unique strength comes from the combined power and commitment of its worldwide members and supporters. In times of crisis, Caritas organisations can call on hosts of volunteers to support their emergency response. In long-term development, and in Caritas’ role as a provider of day-to-day love and hope, volunteers also make a crucial contribution.

Have you got skills and empathy to contribute as a Caritas volunteer?

The national Caritas organisation or the local parish usually coordinates volunteers. The help of Caritas volunteers is essential to our mission of listening to the pleas of those in need and responding with action and love. Please get in touch with us to find out how you can help or contact the national Caritas organisation near you.

When you volunteer to help people in need, your practical and compassionate actions can make all the difference to them.

But that’s not all. Being a volunteer can open your eyes and change your mind as well. It can bring a deeper meaning to your life, a stronger sense of purpose.


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